Saturday, October 25, 2008

Homecoming Kyler and Kayla

Kyler's Homecoming was October 11. Of course he took Kayla. They went with a group of Kayla's friends. Kyler so did not want to go with people he hardly knew. I had to bribe him into letting them come here for part of their day date to watch a movie. He told Kayla and I that only his friends were invited to our house. Anyway they went and did whatever and by the time the got back Kyler had decided that they were way fun and by the end of the night he had decided that he wanted to go to the dance with them because they would "boogie" (the boy loves to dance). He actully told me last night after his Halloween Party that he fit in more with this new group of friends. This makes me very happy to see that he is moving on, and slowly moving away from Kiefer's friends, but also very sad. It is like the end of this era. I have watched most of these boys grow up. They all have practally lived at my house since Kiefer was in 5th grade and Kyler was in 4th. They all call me mom. Kyler needs to find his own way now, he has always just followed his brother. It is great to see him do this. I am sure that Kyler will be friends with Treavor, Garrett and Evan forever and I hope that they keep in touch even after they all graduate and leave on their missions. Of course Kyler asked Tracy to take there homecoming pictures and as always they turned out great. Thanks again Tracy.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adrienne's Witch Party

Every year my friend Adrienne has a Witch Party. It is a girl's only party, where everyone who comes has to dress up like a witch. It is really fun. All the costumes are really good. Most people go all out. It is nice evening without husbands. The guys usually all get together and go out to dinner or something.
This year all of us who lived north met at my house and drove down together. The husbands also met at my house and Tony couldn't resist getting into our picture. So Tony is the cute witch with purple hair up front (like you couldn't figure it out) .

This is my sister Tracie and my friend Kristen. Kristen is dressed up as the witch from Pirates of the Caribbean (I can't remember her name) but she looked great and she won a prize. Some of our friends dressed up as the blind witches from the movie Clash of the Titans. They looked awesome.
This is my friend Tauny and Pete's daughter Jennie (Gabbie and Cale's mom). They looked like twins and they didn't even plan it. The Witch Party is alway such fun. I look forward to it every year. Next year I want Jennie, Tracy (yeah you) and I to dress up as the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus. I want to be Bette Midler, Jennie, Sarah Jessica Parker and Tracy, Kathy Najimy. Plan on it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well, I finally got Pictures of Ky and I together. For years I always wanted pictures of Kiefer, Kyler and I together and never did it. It was never the right time. I was always too fat or I didn't know what we should wear or it was the wrong time of wrong time of year. I thought that I would alway be able to do it next month or next year. Well, I can't now. I will never get to have professional picture of me and my boys because I put it off. Please don't put important things (like pictures) off. You never know when the day will come that you won't be able to do it. Anyway, I really hate pictures but I did it. Tracy just came over and Kyler, Kayla and I went with her just down the street. Kayla got to be the assistant and help Tracy. I think she was there more for just entertaining Kyler and I. She would get a little distracted playing with the reflectors. Tracy did a great job and the pictures turned out pretty good, much better than I had expected. Thanks Tracy.

By the way, I think Kyler takes wonderful pictures. He is so handsome. I love you Kyler! These last two are picture Tracy took last Sunday with Randy.

My Day

My life has been pretty boring lately, nothing really to say. I am painting my dinning room. Just one wall for now. I was thinking about painting the whole thing but since I started have changed my mind. I am spounging it and it takes forever and the walls in there are so tall it is really a pain. I am getting alot of exercise going up and down the latter. The reason I am finally painting is that I finally got dinning room furniture. Yeah! The room has been empty since Pete gave my table away. I found the the table and hutch on It is not new but hey, I got a great deal and am so excited to see what it looks like when I get it put together. Also I got to baby sit Jennies kids while she got her hair done yesterday. We had so much fun Gabbie and I made Brownies, while Cale slept in his swing. I think my helper might have ate more than she help but we had fun. I had to take her shirt off so her mom would kill me for ruining her new clothes. It was a great time and she stayed clean. I didn't get alot of painting done, but I had more fun playing with the kids and I can finish the painting hopefully today.