Monday, January 26, 2009

Kyler's new car!

Over this last week end Kyler bought his first car. He is so excited, but is trying to act cool about it (unlike Kiefer who when he finally got his Aveo jumped up and down and giggled like a girl). This is a bitter sweet time for Randy and I because 24 days after Kiefer got his car it was totaled and we had lost him. I am so excited for Kyler to be driving and at the same time I am scared to death. I know that I have to let him grow up and I can't keep him locked in the house, but I really want to. Well, the good news is that Kyler can't even drive it yet because he still doesn't have his license. He did finally do range, but he still has to go do road and still has about 35 hours of driving to do with either me or Randy. I am pretty sure that Kyler is going to be an excellent driver. Kayla has told me that he will tell her to slow down if she starts going a little fast. Kyler's new car is a 2002 Jetta, it is really nice. It has leather seats, a sun roof, automatic seats with butt warms. It is black and runs really good. It does need tires and we had to replace the battery, but other than that so far so good. Kyler is paying for it. He had to save $1000.00, to put down and now he has to make payments. He has to have the car completely paid off before college, so he has a year and a half. I hope he does well and that this will help him learn responsibility.

I love you Kyler. Please be careful and remember our pinkie promise.