Thursday, April 23, 2009

The pool

Our pool has a leak. What a pain. At the end of last summer I noticed that the water in the pool seemed a little low, so I filled it up. When they came to close it for the winter it was low again. So asked them about it and they told me that they were sure that it wasn't a leak just probably evaporation and splashing. I figured that they knew what they were talking about, so I filled up again, this time I marked it in the filter to see if it went down any. Well yeah, it went down a lot probably 6-8 inches in about a week. After that it stopped and didn't go down anymore.
We called the pool people to let them know, but no one would return our calls I guess it was winter so they weren't to worried about it. Finally Pete was able to talk to someone around the first a march. They said would send some one out to look at it. No one showed up. So we called again. Finally they called back and said that a lot of people this spring think that their pools are leaking but they are not, we just got so much snow that the weight of the snow had push the water out into the cover area. I should just fill the pool up again and mark it and that they would have someone come by and look at it on Friday (this is Monday).
Well by now Pete is starting to believe them and think that I am just crazy and that there is no way that the pool leaks. I am now very mad because this is like the 3 time I have filled and marked the pool. I know that it is leaking. Friday comes no one show up and the pool had gone down about 6 inches. Saturday I call, of course it is Saturday, so all I get is a answering machine. I leave message and basically tell them the pool has a leak, get someone out and get it fixed. Ta Duh, Monday, they come, check it out and guess what, it is cracked about 6' along the tile. Ya whoo, finally, the only bad things is we have to drain the pool.
This you think would be easy but it is pretty hard to find some where to put 25,000 gallons of water, I am glad we don't have any neighbors. Basically every lot around us is now a puddle of mud and my grass won't need to be watered for the rest of the summer. I had to keep moving the hose around so I wouldn't flood an area to bad. The mud was sort of like quick sand. It would suck you in. I probably should of wore different shoe, but until then I had done a good job avoiding the mud. It took about 2 days to suck the water all out (I had to keep stopping to let the water settle in). They came by yesterday and hopefully got everything fixed. I started refilling the pool yesterday at 4:00. Hopefully by tonight it we be full and they can come start it up. Just in time for the weather to get crappy again.
Oh well, at least next time the weather warms up will be able to swim. I am sure that Kyler won't wait for the weather, He will be in it as soon as the water temperature is 85. It won't matter if it is 50 degrees and rain outside.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Easter, Pete and I hide Easter eggs for Kayla and Kyler. You would have thought they were 8 years old. Pushing and running looking for eggs. Kayla would tell Kyler "you missed one. Sucker" In the end Kyler won he found around 33 eggs and Kayla only found 26. Later that day my parents came by and Jennie, Brooks and the kids also. Jennie kids look adorable in there Easter outfits. We had a barbecue and hide eggs for Gabbie (Cale is still to little). Gabbie was so cute some of the eggs had money in them, if she found one where she could hear the money she would shake it, say moneeeeey, and do this little dance (so cute). It was a very nice day. I am so glad that we got to send it with family.