Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kyler's Prom


Wow, It has been a really busy July! Kyler and I just got back from Tennessee and then we left for Lake Powell two days later.
Tennessee was fun. We saw a bunch of historical stuff and also went on a Nashville ghost tour. We went to the Country Music Hall of Fame (not our favorite type of music, but while in Nashville we couldn't miss it), we ate at the Hard Rock and the Cheesecake Factory (YUMMY). Yeah, I do know there is one in Salt Lake now but why end a tradition of going to The Cheesecake Factory anytime I go somewhere when their food is so fabulous? Tennessee was HOT!!!! I was literally melting. If you ask Kyler how his trip was he gives you a one word answer: HOT!!!!! We were so not used to humidity.
Lake Powell was also hot but there is always the water to get into so its not so bad. We went with Tony, Trish and their two boys. Kyler took Kayla, which I still can't believe I allowed. I am sure Kiefer is freaking out, saying, "you wouldn't even let me have a girlfriend!". The boat broke down two times so we ended up bringing it home to get fixed. They told us two to three weeks to fix it. I am sure Pete will be having Lake Powell withdrawals by the time we go again.