Monday, October 5, 2009

Lake Powell

We took a quick trip to Lake Powell last week end. This is the latest in the year we have ever been to the lake. We left on Wednesday night. We stopped and picked up the Bennetts and got to the boat around 10:30 PM. It was cold! When we got up the next morning it was still cold. We head out anyway because we were headed south and hoping for the weather to warm up. On the way down to Wahweep we stop and saw some amazing canyons and took the boat into place we probably shouldn't have but we had a great time checking stuff out. I forgot my camera so I took a few pictures with my trusty i phone. Hey and what do you know the picture turned out okay. (not up to Tracy's standard but my pictures never are)

We arrived at Gun Sight Canyon a little later than expected and met up with some of Pete old friend and you wouldn't believe our welcome, none of us could believe it either and laughed harder than we had in quite awhile. Pete had some very strange friends in his past. Anyway we will just say that that part of our trip was very entertaining and we were all glad when it was time to head out.

The days warmed up and we had two wonderful days in the 70's. We enjoyed climbing to the top of Ice Cream canyon which is a very tall mountain of sand (what a work out but we all made it to the top)
It was a short trip, but a fun one. It was very eventful. Our ride back to Bullfrog was like a two hour version of Splash Mountain. The winds were blowing very very hard, the water was coming over the top of the boat and stuff was bouncing everywhere, the tiny ship was tossed, if it wasn't for the courage of the fearless crew the Black Pearl would have been lost..... the Skipper (Pete) held his course even needing a potting break, Craig the trusty first mate stood by his captain side navigating the ruff waters and the two island HOTTIE's (myself and Carla) tried without success to keep everything from bouncing off the bed and breaking. Well anyway we did make it back to Bullfrog and were able to get the boat out of the water safely. After dropping the boat at Off Shore and making it to Hanks ville for lunch we realized that I had left Pete's wallet in the boat and we had to turn around and go back to get it, but we did finally make it home around 9:30 PM on Sunday. Thanks Bennett's for our little adventure.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day

We decided to have an end of summer/Labor Day/Kiefer's Birthday Party. It was great the weather started out a little rain in the morning but ended up being a perfect day to play in the water. Kyler wanted to rent one of those big blowup slide things and it was so fun. We really wanted to figure out a way so that you could slide right into the pool, but that didn't work out because they have a wall to stop you, so people were just sliding then using it as a diving board. I love it. Young and Old played on it. The above picture was Kyler's tribute to Micheal Jackson.
The Slip and Slide!

Kyler loosing his ball!

Bowling Tony!

Kyler and Trevor!
Kyler and his new Best Friend Jayden!
Kayla and Katie!

Monday, August 17, 2009

"Fairytopia" My 40th Birthday!

I had the best birthday ever. Thanks to great friends and a great family. This past Saturday, I had a fairy party. Some might think aren't you a little old for that, but you are only as old as you feel and act. (who wants to be 40 if you have to be old) The day started out at Adrienne Salon, she did everyone hair and had a make up artist come and do make up. From there we came back to my house and started to decorate. I was a lot stressed because it was very rainy and cold but the sun came out and it warmed up just in time (thanks angels). We were able to get everything ready in time (thanks to Pete, James, Tony, Kyler and Kayla). Everything looked so cute. At about 4:00 the DJ, Strech, showed up and started playing the music. There was great food, friends, music, dancing and Adrienne's magic punch, what more can you ask for. It was truly one of the best birthdays ever.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Past Month

June was a very busy month for us Kyler turned 17. Pete took the young men (16-17 year old) in the ward to Lake Powell. We had our annual house boat trip with friends to Lake Powell and my parents gave my grandmother an 80th Birthday party.
First Kyler's birthday was like a week long celebration. The Sunday before we had my parents come over. We had a barbecue in the rain, roast marshmallows and opened presents.

Then on Monday Pete took us all out to Texas Road House for dinner, and then on his birthday Kyler, Kayla, Braxtyn, Parker and I went to see Up and out to lunch. That night we had an ice cream cake from Maggie Moos.

The day after Kyler's birthday, Pete and Kyler left for lake Powell with 7 other boys and 3 other adults. Pete was a little nervous when he found out he was going with one member of the Bishop Ric and the Young Men's president (also a former Bishop). I was a lot nervous wondering what Pete would say and do, hoping it wouldn't be to bad, because I really didn't want to have to move. Kyler did not want to go he was trying everything he could to get out of it. But in the end they both ended up having a great time. They didn't convert either Pete or Kyler, but they all had fun and both of them made some really good friends. (and I can still live in the neighborhood Yeah!) I think they both would love to go again next year. It was really good for both of them.
Next Pete and Kyler got home on Saturday night and Pete and I turned around and left again for lake Powell on Wednesday for a week. It was great fun. We had 21 people on the house boat, we relaxed, played games, enjoyed great company and the perfect not to hot weather. We also
had the traditional crazy hat day.

Then three day after we got back my parent had an open house for my grandmothers 80th birthday. My sister had to work so I kept her girls, got them ready and took them to the party. We had fun getting ready and also at the party. They all looked so cute, Kayla took some picture.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kyler's new summer Do!

Kyler Before..........

Kyler After...........

Kayla's sister Alyssa is going to beauty school and needed a person to test on. So my brave son picked a style and let her do it. (Yes this is how he wanted it to look). I actually like it. I was a little worried when he showed me the picture, but it turned out better than I thought. (no offense Alyssa it wasn't you, it was the style I was worried about). Maybe I am a weird mom, but I have always said if you get good grades and are being good other wise, over the summer you can do what you what with your hair. I figure it is a good way to rebel, and there are alot of other things they could have done that would have been much worse. Plus their hair grows really fast.

Here is another of Kylers wonderful summer dos, They called him crayon head with this one....

This is the only style either of the boys have had that I really hated ........Kiefer's Fauxhawk!
I wouldn't let him go anywhere with me if it was up. He had to wear it down. It is actually pretty funny now I see tons of people with hair like this, girls and boys, but of course Kiefer had to be one of the first. It didn't last long, once I stop telling him how much I hated it, it changed.

Thursday, May 28, 2009



As the Class of 2009 we remember our friend.
We will now embark on our journey of life after high school, we will always be
touched by the life of your son and our friend, Kiefer.
We hope to make a differnce in the world and when we do make that difference
he will be part of it, as the Lehi Pioneer Class of 2009 our friendships are forever.

The hundreds of students who loved and adored Kiefer