Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day

We decided to have an end of summer/Labor Day/Kiefer's Birthday Party. It was great the weather started out a little rain in the morning but ended up being a perfect day to play in the water. Kyler wanted to rent one of those big blowup slide things and it was so fun. We really wanted to figure out a way so that you could slide right into the pool, but that didn't work out because they have a wall to stop you, so people were just sliding then using it as a diving board. I love it. Young and Old played on it. The above picture was Kyler's tribute to Micheal Jackson.
The Slip and Slide!

Kyler loosing his ball!

Bowling Tony!

Kyler and Trevor!
Kyler and his new Best Friend Jayden!
Kayla and Katie!

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