Monday, August 25, 2008


Sunday, was the one year anniversary of Kiefer's accident. It was a really hard day but we have so many wonderful friends and such a great family. Everyone is so supportive. It is so great to know that everyone still remembers and that there are so many people that love Kiefer, and care for Kyler, Randy and I. Of course Adrienne and Trish were amazing. Adrienne planned a whole parade. We all walked from my house passed the accident site and left flowers, then up to the cemetery. Oh, but with Adrienne we can't just walk, that wasn't enough, we had to do it New Orleans style, with parasols (that Melissa decorated so cute) music, masks, and beads.
When we got to the cemetery Trish, Tony, Katie and the boys were waiting there with flowers, balloons, and water. Tony read a little something that he wrote:
" A year ago I stated, some journeys take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny and a true pirate will always look to the horizon. Kiefer, the winds of destiny chose you and now blow you on the seas of eternity, forever and forward. This has been a hard year, but just maybe if we listen to the winds that carry your message, we will hear Kiefer telling us, 'never quit, never give up and always look for the bounty in the gifts given us; moments. Moments of laughter, time with friends and loved ones, and adventures that constantly surround us'. I still believe that Kiefer was a pirate and would have beaten the ninjas."
After Tony finished we had a moment of silence and then we let all the balloons go to heaven for Kiefer, as my nieces would say. After that we all walked back to my house. It was a good day. I am sure Kiefer loved it and was with us all day, smiling and laughing.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Birthday

Saturday was my birthday. Pete and Adrienne gave me a birthday party. I really didn't want one and was sort of forced into it, but in the end I had a lot of fun. Adrienne made everything look so pretty and as always made sure that everyone had fun. Trish brought a whole bunch of Tinker Bell stuff (cake, plates, napkins, balloons and gift bags). It was great, just like being a little girl again. She also kept everything cleaned up.

We went swimming, danced, and sang. Adrienne found the "Pirate Song", a song from our high school days about a gay pirate that just wants to sing and dance, wear tight pants, and drink Perrier with a lime in it. It's a great song!!!!! (Well at least we think so). It was a wonderful party even if I started out as a "hater". Thank you so much to all my friends for coming and for all the great gifts. I love you all.