Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lake Powell

Well, Pete finally got me to Lake Powell.

I haven't been since August of last year. I hadn't even been on the boat. Needless to say Pete has been on plenty of MBEs (male bonding experiences), so the boat was a little unorganized. Well lets just say NOTHING was where it was supposed to be! It took me two days to get everything put back together and to find things that they had put in the strangest places. We went with the Bennetts and Kyler took two friends (Evan and Garrett). It was hot during the day but it cooled down at night, which is wonderful. Kyler and his friends had a mud fight and rode the tube everywhere. Kyler, Garrett and Evan had followed Pete and I down in my car, so when Karla mentioned sending all the boys home and staying an extra day, I think they were more excited then the adults to get away. It worked out well, the boys got up early Sunday morning, cleaned everything up without even being asked, and were ready to go. I made them call Randy every 30 minutes so he could make sure they were okay. They made it home and we got to have some adult time.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kyler's Birthday

Kyler's surprise 16th bithday. He had no idea. Randy took him golfing, so that Tracy, Kayla and I could get things ready. It was fun we had a cookie monster Pinata, which they hung from the neck and beat with a golf club. We went swimming and played games. It turned out really fun even if most of Kyler's friends were out of town.