Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow and pools

I guess snow and pools are not so good together. We were told that we need to get the snow off of the pool cover so that the snow won't weigh it down. When it rains we have this little pump that you throw out on the cover and it just pumps the water off. Easy. Snow, not so easy. You have to walk on the cover and carefully shovel off the snow. This goes against what you have been taught, which is don't walk on the cover, yeah it will hold your whole family and them some but it is not meant to be walked on. The lightest person in the family should do this shoveling. Kyler is much lighter than me so decision made. Kyler is supposed to do the snow removal. Oh but no, Kyler decided Kayla was the lightest person in the family and that she should do it because he was too heavy. In his view she used the pool as much he did, and she's here all the time, which means part of the family. My son the gentleman.
He did provide the much need moral support for Kayla; as she shoveled he stood back, kept her company and told her what she should do. All of this talking just plumb wore him out so he need a break.
It really wasn't as bad as I made it out, but from the picture that I took thats the idea that you got. When I looked at the pictures I just laughed. Well, Kyler did help. They both decided it was pretty cool walking on water. They said that you could feel the ice break when you stepped down which was a little freaky. They got most of the snow off of the cover for now but there is supposedly a lot more to come over the next week.
It looks like we are going to have a white Christmas. This makes Pete very happy. Snow removal is are only source of income during the winter. It can snow everyday until Christmas eve but then I hope it stop, until at least after Christmas morning. Last year it was just Kyler and I Christmas eve and Christmas morning, Pete was out pushing snow. So this year I am hoping for the best. Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kiefer's Memorial Debate Tournament

This past Friday and Saturday was the second annual Kiefer Memorial Debate Tournament at Lehi High school. After Kiefer's accident the debate coach at Lehi High school, Mr Mansfield, changed the name of the debate tournament to the Kiefer Memorial Tournament. This year over 33 high schools from all over the state participated with over 1000 students. It has became one of the largest in the state. It doubled in size from last year.

Kiefer was a great debater. In his sophomore year he took either first or second in almost every tournament that he competed in. He took second in the state competition and was told by the judge that it was because he was a sophomore. The girl they gave it to was a senior and Kiefer would still have two more years to go to national (if they only knew). He lettered his sophomore year and won the entire tournament at a national debate camp the summer before the accident with his "beautiful" argument on AIDs. Mansfield actually read his "beautiful" argument at the funeral, it was amazing. He was also the president of the debate team as a junior, which is not typical. Debate and drama were what Kiefer lived for. He loved to be in front of people and he loved to argue (he got the arguing part from me).

The tournament is based on Kiefer. They gave out bandannas to each competitor (Kiefer always wore a black bandanna tied around his wrist). The individual prizes were dog tags. The trophies are all skate boards with a long board for first prize (Kiefer rode his long board or mini everywhere). They also have a dance. Everyone that we talked to say it is the best tournament.

This year Mr Mansfield asked Kyler, Randy and I to help hand out the prizes. It was really great to be there and to be part of something that Kiefer loved so much. It is also great to know that he is remembered and will not be forgotton; to know that every year people will get to hear about my son, to learn just a little about him and his passion for debating. I am so honored to be Kiefer's mom. Everyday I just try to think about how blessed I am to have had nearly 17 years with this smart and wonderful boy. He taught me so much and I still think that I am continuing to learn from him everyday as I try to be a someone that he can be proud of. He touched the lives of so many in such a short time. He was so smart and had such a big heart. I am so glad that Kiefer had found something that he loved so much and that he was so good at it. Thank you Mr Mansfield for honoring Kiefer and keeping his memory alive.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Halloween Pictures

Okay I know that it is December, but hey I just got copies of the Halloween party pictures...

Pete and I as vampires!

Tim, Melissa, Adrienne and Todd as ABBA.

Adrienne's parents Dave and Roberta. I wouldn't have know who they were if I hadn't recognized there voices

Me eating a noodle ear that Adrienne had made. They weren't so good or maybe it was just they way they looked.

Me and a few of my friends

I wish I had more pictures so you could see more of the awesome costumes that were there. Adrienne's parties are always a lot of fun, and in case you didn't notice Halloween is her favorite holiday. She starts planning what to dress up as next year as soon as Halloween is over and she usually tells you what you should be too. That's okay though, I love her and her ideas are always great.