Saturday, November 29, 2008


Lets see it has been awhile. So let me up date you. Kyler and Kayla broke up, got back together(I think) They spend all there time together so you would assume. They went to Sadie Hawkin and shopping at 12:01 on Black Friday. Kayla says that got some really good deals.
I spent last Saturday with all three of my niece (Braxtyn, Parker and Swayzee) and I have a new appreciation for what my sister does every day. Three is more difficult than two. We made sugar cookies and colored. They shot Nerf guns at Kyler and Kayla. Oh yes, not only did I have my niece three of they age 5, 3, and 1, but Oscar my little Yorkie torn up an entire thing of gold glitter. I came home and my entire up stair was cover in glitter and also Oscar. I should have gotten picture but at the time I was a bit overwhelmed. I told my niece that my house was attacked by pixie fairys and they thought that ws pretty cool. Well, needless to say glitter does not clean up well and I am sure that when I am dead someone will still be clean glitter off the hard wood floors. My house does sparkle and it is the perfect time of year for that.

My trees are up, but no light on the house, our outside outlets won't work. I think Pete broken them because he didn't want to put lights up. He say he called someone to come look at them, but I think he might have dialed the number and then hung up before anyone could answer.
We spent Thanksgiving with Tony and Trish. They are the greatest people and Trish is a amazing cook. Kyler calls her Martha Stewart. It was very relaxing. We saw two movie which makes a perfect day for me. I love going to the movie. It is my escape from reality.
Last but not least we have a new person living with us. Pete daughter Danielle moved in and will be staying with us for a while. She is 31 and had a bad year. Hopefully we can help her out and get her back on her feet.

That about it for November.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Jennie and I have a new thing....... We have been painting. We found this store where you can buy unfinished wood. It has been so fun, a little, well allot time consuming, but fun. Here are some of the thing we have been working on....

The Santa isn't finished, he need eyes and a bred, and our snowmen still needs buttons, anyway it have been really fun. It is great to spend time with Jennie and to do something new. Next we are going to paint a turkey that you can hang on your door.


On Halloween we went over to Jennies to see Pete's Grand kids in their costumes they looked so cute.

Cale is getting so cute he is smiling now.

Pete and I actually went to a Halloween party at Adrienne's dressed as vampires last weekend but my batteries were dead in my camera so I am waiting to get copies from James. Pete looked really good. It took me, Kyler and Kayla about two and half hours to put his make up on. It might have taken so long because I could not stop laughing at him. I have no idea why I found the wig he was wearing so funny. I could even think about it or I would fall over laughing. He was also very picky. The getting ready was hilarious. I will post the picture as so as I get them.