Thursday, May 28, 2009



As the Class of 2009 we remember our friend.
We will now embark on our journey of life after high school, we will always be
touched by the life of your son and our friend, Kiefer.
We hope to make a differnce in the world and when we do make that difference
he will be part of it, as the Lehi Pioneer Class of 2009 our friendships are forever.

The hundreds of students who loved and adored Kiefer

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day!

First I would like to wish my mom a Happy Mothers day and let her know that I love her and hope that she had a great day.

My mother day was great. It was more like a mothers weekend and not just a day. Pete decided on Friday that we should go to Lake Powell. I was not so excited about this, I really hate leaving Kyler especially when we go to Lake Powell because the phone service is terrible, so I worry a lot. But once we got away it was great. The weather was perfect, the high was about 85 and the nights were cold enough that it was great for sleeping. I slept in on Saturday until 9:30 which is something I never do. The rest of the time we just relaxed and enjoyed the sun. I had forgotten how much I love the lake. It was great to spend time alone with Pete, which also something I never get to do. He is a social butterfly and need friends around. So it was great of him to spend time with just me. (and the puppies)

But the best thing about mothers day was Kyler's gift. Kyler and Kayla took a bunch of my home video and made me DVDs. They are so awesome. I haven't watched them all but my favorite one so far is the one called brothers. When you turn it on the menu come up and the song is from the Disney movie The Fox and the Hound, The Best of Friends plays. So of course I cried and cried. Pete was so wonderful and sit and watch some of the videos with me. I had a great day. I love my videos, they are the best present I think that I have ever gotten. Thanks you so much Kyler and Kayla and thanks to Kayla's dad for helping them and letting them use all of his equipment.
Also thank you so much to my wonderful and very talent friend Trish for my pillow I love it and to her daughter for my picture of Kiefer and Kyler in the very cute frame that she made, she definitely takes after her mom (very talented).